Congratulations on reaching your senior year! You probably can hardly believe that your undergraduate career is coming to an end. The good news is your opportunities with the Fraternity are just beginning. Don't let the last year of your brotherhood slip by!

Remember your initiation when you made a promise to lifelong membership in Alpha Phi Omega? You may not have realized exactly what that meant, which is why we want to take the opportunity to share with you how the Fraternity can continue to be a part of your life this year and after graduation.




You will find that we have not attempted to provide you with an answer to every question, problem, or crisis that may arise during your tenure. Instead, we hope the guidance provided will enable you to make proactive decisions that will provide positive experiences and support for your chapter's alumni program. Remember, one of the best support systems any officer can have is interaction with the previous officer and transference of information. If you feel that you have learned something in your position that could help other officers in the Fraternity, please send your suggestions to leadership.director@apo.org so this manual can remain fresh and relevant.


APO IMPACT Chapter Training Program was developed under the 2006-2008 National Leadership Development Commitee, Ed Richter; Program Director. Many thanks to all who helped in writing, reviewing and developing this dynamic tool.