This communication guide is intended to be a living document that will continue to evolve as the communication changes. As a work in progress, it will evolve with the technology and services needed to support the missions of the Fraternity. The Goal Guide is to give communication officers at all organizational levels a tool that will provide easy access to the information needed to effectively perform their jobs. By providing clear national program direction we can better focus our communication. This electronic document makes use of hypertext so the user can easily read it and access the level of detail needed to meet the individual needs of a diverse group. It also makes it possible to include both policy and "how-to-do-it" information in the same document.


  • National Bylaws Spring 2011- Under Chapter Improvement- must be logged into Website
  • Membership Policy- Under Officers
  • Chapter Assessment and Planning Session- Under CAPS Resources
  • National Pledging Standards- Under Officers
  • Pledge Manual March 2011- Under Chapter Improvement
  • Risk Management Policy- Under Managing Risk
  • APO Style Guide- Under Communications


You will find that we have not attempted to provide you with an answer to every question, problem, or crisis that may arise during your tenure. Instead, we hope the guidance provided will enable you to make proactive decisions that will provide positive experiences and support for your chapter's alumni program. Remember, one of the best supports any officer can have is interaction with the previous officer and transference of information. If you feel that you have learned something in your position which could help many other officers in the Fraternity, please send your suggestions to so this manual can remain fresh and relevant.


APO IMPACT Chapter Training Program was developed under the 2006-2008 National Leadership Development Commitee, Ed Richter; Program Director. Many thanks to all who helped in writing, reviewing and developing this dynamic tool.