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Did you know that APO also stands for A Personal Odyssey? That’s what Alpha Phi Omega is all about: A Personal Odyssey of Leadership Development.

Most brothers will be asked to present in one way or another. It may be at a chapter meeting, or presenting at a local conference. Others will work with chapters leading them through tough spots or CAPS. When you do this you begin your Odyssey as a volunteer presenter.

Anyone who is willing to work at developing oneself as a presenter can participate in our presenter development training. That will be a very easy road for some; for others, it will take a lot of work involving not only presenter development training, but also finding opportunities inside and outside of the Fraternity to practice skills.

To be a certified presenter a brother must demonstrate proficiency in Presentation & Facilitation skills. There are currently 4 options that can lead to certification. The most common an popular way is through a certification course (formally Basic Skills). With the use of the online instruction before the experiential experience, the time on site is used more efficently, and participants are more prepared. An important point to emphasize is that anyone can go through the certification portion of training. After demonstrating proficiency in Presentation & Facilitation skills, a brother is considered to be a certified presenter..

As a certified presenter you may choose to become a program presenter. Program presenters are those who have completed either content training or advanced presenter development training. The specific requirements for each program will be set by the program.

Finding a Training Course

Basic Skills courses and all four APO LEADS Content Training courses (excluding Serve Content Training) will be offered at National Conventions and are available on request.
  • Serve Content Training will be offered at a minimum of one Serve site yearly.
  • Regional leadership development chairs will also provide periodic reminders to alumni of training courses in their regions.

Look for other scheduled training courses by going to the Course Calendar under Leadership Development and National Programs on the national web site < >. Select training courses in the pull down menu and click “Go” OR or Registration for Current Certification Courses

If you cannot find the training course you want or at a time that fits your schedule, contact your area training coordinator that you are interested in being trained. If enough people express interest, it may be possible to schedule a course in your area. You may use this form, to get on a list and be notified when there is a training near you!

Other questions you can contact the training coordinator at


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