The responsibilities of the alumni relations officer are fluid and can change dramatically from chapter to chapter depending on several factors—age of the chapter, presence (and activity level) of the alumni association, percentage of alumni living locally, etc. However, as with most positions, there are some basic duties that are fairly universal to positions dealing with chapter alumni.

Each responsibility has been divided into a category for reference purposes only, this is not to imply that any activity or responsibility is limited or separate from another, this is simply an organizational tool.


  • Serve as liaison between the chapter and alumni
    • Update the chapter on what the alumni are doing – ask alumni for updates!
    • Ask alumni for networking opportunities that can be shared with the chapter
  • Regularly contact alumni regarding chapter events
    • Establish a schedule (monthly, start and end of semester, etc.) so alumni will know when to except news
    • Most alumni will appreciate a minimum six months notice for attending events, especially banquets, anniversaries and other significant gatherings. Plan accordingly!
    • Remember most alumni view the calendar as January-December, not August-July
  • Help alumni establish a “permanent” online contact method and share login information with your successor
    • This does not mean don’t change with the times, but don’t change your listserv name/membership with each new officer.
    • Consider creating a networking page on your chapter Web site, dedicated to alumni information
    • Remember, online is only ONE method to contact alumni, many older alumni do not have Web access
  • Publish (online or print) a newsletter for alumni
    • Establish a routine, such as annually or biannually
    • Describe chapter activities
    • Include alumni-specific information


  • Serve as a liaison to the chapter alumni association OR
  • Suggest/assess interest from alumni to create an alumni association
  • Help interested alumni find resources on creating an alumni association, including Web and staff resources
  • Actively encourage graduating/transferring actives and chapter advisors to join the alumni association
  • Help the alumni association gain campus recognition (where appropriate) and assist with meeting space, etc., as needed
  • Assist graduating alumni in finding the appropriate alumni associations or suggest resources to help them find alumni associations


  • Promote alumni involvement on your campus
    • Alert alumni about special events, especially related to the Fraternity, leadership and community service
  • Assure the campus alumni office has a correct listing of your chapter alumni
    • Utilize records from the National Office to identify chapter alumni
  • Work in partnership with the campus alumni office in order to stay in touch with alumni members
  • Plan and/or promote alumni events on campus, especially during Homecoming/Alumni Weekend


  • Encourage the active members and pledges to interact with alumni
    • Greet alumni who attend events
    • Make them feel welcome! As alumni relations officer, approach visiting alumni, introduce yourself and then introduce the alumni brother to the rest of the chapter
  • During planning events remind your chapter that advanced planning is necessary for events where high alumni participation is desired
  • Act as the voice of the alumni in the chapter when needed
  • Encourage actives, especially officers, to utilize available alumni support, when appropriate (advice, historical context, traditions)
  • Work with officers during event planning to make the events alumni-friendly


  • Make alumni and graduating seniors aware of the multiple volunteer opportunites available in the Fraternity
    • If you don’t know, either find out about opportunities OR
    • Find out who alumni should contact if they are interested in volunteering
    • Provide assistance in contacting section/regional staff regarding volunteer opportunities
  • Promote fraternity events, such as conferences and conventions or other opportunities which may be of interest to alumni
  • Supply the National Office with an updated list of alumni and graduating seniors
    • Use the campus alumni office to keep your records and the National Office records updated with contact information
  • Encourage the active and alumni brothers of your chapter to become Life Members of Alpha Phi Omega
  • Provide information or sources regarding the Annual Fund, Endowment Fund and the importance of participating