Congratulations! You have been chosen as chapter alumni relations officer. Alumni are important and special resources who are able to provide history, context, continuity, financial support and moral support to their home chapters. The alumni also have options to continue to support the Fraternity, which they might not be aware of. Your role is to foster positive relations among your active chapter, alumni, and when applicable, alumni association. With the right support and positive leadership, your program is a unique part of fraternity life, which allows chapter brothers to bond and support both the chapter and Alpha Phi Omega for more than the collegiate period of their life.

In this IMPACT guide, you are provided with resources to use as you plan your office term and to give you a better understanding of your role as the chapter’s alumni relations officer.

As alumni relations officer, your role is to keep your chapter’s alumni informed and, when appropriate, to get them involved. Your function is to serve both the chapter and the alumni by creating and maintaining an environment that will foster stronger communication between the two groups. This will encourage and strengthen these relationships.

In addition to this guide, it is recommended that during the term of your office you work on creating a chapter-specific supplement to assist future alumni relations officers. This guide might include:

  • Contact information for campus alumni relations
  • Contact information for your chapter’s alumni association officers
  • Contact information for any local geographic alumni association officers
  • Updated alumni mailing list from your term
    • All address changes should include the date updated and any requests such as not giving the updated information to the school
    • List of current and former chapter advisors
  • Schedule of general events throughout the school year
    • Include alumni-specific event dates and associated planning timelines
  • Full listing of all alumni members, included “lost,” deceased and honorary members,
    • Most recent mailing information, even if information is incorrect
  • Contact information for the current section chair, region director and advisory chair

Throughout your service as alumni relations officer remember that you are not alone! Many alumni are still involved with the fraternity – chapter advisors, sectional chairs, sectional and regional staff who know how to get in touch with alumni or might be able to assist you. Don’t be afraid to ask who they know or what channels are available to support your efforts.


At The Chapter

After The Chapter



  • National Bylaws Spring 2011- Under Chapter Improvement- must be logged into Website
  • Membership Policy- Under Officers
  • Chapter Assessment and Planning Session- Under CAPS Resources
  • National Pledging Standards- Under Officers
  • Pledge Manual March 2011- Under Chapter Improvement
  • Risk Management Policy- Under Managing Risk
  • APO Style Guide- Under Communications


Your role as alumni relations officer is essential to an effective chapter. Alumni can be very valuable resources for the chapter. Alumni can offer personal, professional and fraternal experience in many ways, but most alumni will only offer if approached by the chapter. Through your leadership and efforts, you have the opportunity to help bring together the active and alumni membership of your chapter for the benefit of everyone.

You will find that we have not attempted to provide you with an answer to every question, problem, or crisis that may arise during your tenure. Instead, we hope the guidance provided will enable you to make proactive decisions that will provide positive experiences and support for your chapter's alumni program. Remember, one of the best supports any officer can have is interaction with the previous officer and transference of information. If you feel that you have learned something in your position which could help many other alumni relations officers in the Fraternity, please send your suggestions to so this manual can remain fresh and relevant.

Finally, remember that when your term of office is over, your responsibility to the chapter does not end. You will have ample opportunities to continue serving your chapter as a brother and eventually as an alumnus/a. Take what you learn about alumni relations to heart and when you become an alumnus/a yourself, continue to support your chapter and Fraternity to the best of your abilities. Always remember the mutual benefit that can occur when strong active-alumni relations are nurtured.


APO IMPACT Chapter Training Program was developed under the 2006-2008 National Leadership Development Committee, Ed Richter; Program Director. Many thanks to all who helped in writing, reviewing and developing this dynamic tool.