It’s extremely hard and almost impossible to explain the feeling you have after your conference ends. Each person and each conference is different, so you will not feel the same way someone else would. Hopefully you were able to enjoy yourself and become a better person throughout the process.

Your next chapter meeting will feel unusual because you may not have much to say other than a big ‘THANK YOU’ to the brothers for their hard work. It may feel really strange not having so much to do. This is all normal! However, now that it is over, there are a few things that you need to do to tie up the loose ends.


  • Reimburse all brothers who paid for anything relating to the conference
  • Collect and evaluate all receipts against your budget and bank account statements to make sure everything lines up
  • Send thank you cards to any campus or community organizations you worked with, who donated money/supplies to your conference or served as a major contact during the planning process
    • DJ
    • Banquet facility
    • Hotel
    • Faculty advisors
    • Keynote speaker
    • T-shirt company (if they are local)
    • Student organizations
    • Any other major contributors who are not part of the Fraternity
  • Close out your bank account (if opened only for the conference).
  • Meet with your fraternal conference advisor to check if anything else needs to be done.