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Introduction to Observation

The Introduction to Observation course is a two-hour session that can be delivered in person or by webinar. This course will familiarize certified presenters with the responsibilities of an observer. In addition, participants will review the APO Presentation & Facilitation Standards in order to gain skills on how to provide feedback to presenters-in-training After completion of the 2 hours session, a person must do at least 3 observations with a full trainer and/or observer. One of these observations must be a Basic skills course. Upon completing these training observations and receiving approval from the trainer/observer the person is working with they will be considered a full observer. . Intro to Observation Setting & Guide

Small Group Facilitation

The Small Group Facilitation is designed to help develop a certified presenters' skills to lead the facilitation of a small group working together. This course will help participants learn to ask questions that will lead to greater discussion. It will be useful for people who find themselves leading discussions such as round tables or committee meetings This course is done as a combination of webinar and a live practical session Course currently in development.

Online Presentation

The online presentation is designed to help certified presenters become more comfortable with online presentations. This course will only be done in webinar format. It will familiarize participants with the Citrix format and challenges with doing online presentations.