This file is an active brother handbook that can be used by chapters to continue the APO education of their active brothers. Feel free to edit and change it to best meet your chapters' needs. Each portion of the handbook is also saved in separate documents below, so you can pick and choose the contents of the active brother handbook more easily.

A short welcome letter from the president discussing the exciting things coming up in APO.

A review of the attendance expectations for active brothers including general meetings, mandatory meetings, pledge meetings, etc.

A quick overview of how brothers can get hours, including rules for "outside" or "independent" hours done outside of APO projects.

Contact information for exec members, the advisory committee, project chairs, and sectional and regional staff members.

A contract that states how much needs to be paid, by when, and any additional information about payment plans.

A worksheet outlining the chapter's goals for the year/semester, as well as a space for brothers to set their own individual goals.

A form for brothers interested in applying for associate membership.

This is an evaluation of chapter operations as a whole. Constant evaluation is key to making the chapter all it can be.

An easy form to submit with important information to implement a new service project.

One place for everybody's contact information.

Chapter activities at a glance for the year/semester.