... your life by becoming a brother

… your chapter by serving as an officer

… your fraternity by continuing the tradition of leadership excellence



  • Ed Richter and the 2006-2012 Leadership Development Committee
  • Howie Barnes (Iota Omega, SUNY Brockport); Project Chair 2006-08
  • Rick Koval (Alpha Beta, Penn state), Program Coordinator 2008-10
  • Irene Wolf ( , Bowling Green University), Program Coordinator 2010-12


  • Matt Bailey (Zeta Lambda, University of Toledo)
  • Jennifer “Blondie” Barnes, D.C.M. (Kappa Omicron, University of Massachusetts)
  • Jeremy Bingman (Alpha Alpha, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Richard J. Bojko (Gamma, Cornell University)
  • Derek Cashman, Ph.D. (Alpha Beta Omega, Old Dominion University)
  • Marlene Clark (Epsilon, Truman State University)
  • Dan Dixon (Iota Omega, SUNY Brockport)
  • Sarah Pauline Finch (Alpha Beta Psi, Roanoke College)
  • Michael Gallagher (Zeta Sigma, University of Delaware)
  • Kathy Habel (Lambda Omega, California University of Pennsylvania)
  • Jim Hahn (Lambda Omicron, West Virginia University)
  • Amy Hassa (Alpha Delta Phi, Seton Hall University)
  • Kenneth Hunter (Beta Zeta, University of Georgia)
  • Rich Koval (Alpha Beta, Pennsylvania State University)
  • Ellen Kranzer (Alpha Chi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Heather Lehman (Gamma Phi, Western Michigan University)
  • Michael Leahy (Zeta Beta, Virginia Tech)
  • Erin Morrell (Delta Sigma, University of Connecticut)
  • Peri Nelson (Epsilon Sigma, SUNY Buffalo)
  • Kourtney Spaulding (Lambda Phi, Eastern Michigan University)
  • Jamie Conover Stewart (Zeta Beta, Virginia Tech)
  • Mark Stratton (Delta Xi, Ball State University)
  • Betsy Ullrich (Delta Rho, Rutgers University)
  • Irene M. Wolf, Ph.D. (Zeta Kappa, Bowling Green State University)
  • Allen Wong, D.D.S. (Alpha Alpha Xi, University of the Pacific)


  • Stacey Couch (Director of Communications)
  • Kristin Knudson Harris (Alpha Alpha Xi, University of the Pacific)
  • Lillian Mondaro (Alpha Delta Phi, Seton Hall University)


The concept for APO IMPACT was wholly developed by brothers of Alpha Phi Omega; however, the implementation in this format was inspired by Lambda Chi Alpha's Fraternity Manuals. Our thanks for the idea and hope our execution does the idea justice.


This project is culmination a lot of different sources of information and knowledge both internal and external. In all cases we have attempted to cite all orginal material, please let us know if you were overlooked.