2008-2010 Programmatic Goals of the

Alpha Phi Omega National Leadership Development Program

  • Continuing the development of a strong Chapter Leadership Development Program through APO IMPACT as well as well continuing development of the online programs of APO IMPACT Live to provide training chapter officers and advisors.
  • Develop training programs with other program areas such as Membership/Extension, Service, External Communication, and Alumni and Internal Volunteer Development.
  • Continue review of the current course presenter training program to find ways to streamline the process without affecting quality.
  • With the assistance of the Regional Directors and Regional Leadership Development Chairs, host Presentation and Facilitation Basic Skills Courses at least once a year to train new presenters and offer refresher training to current presenters.
  • Increase the number of presenters and directors in the APO LEADS program so that each region is preparing 5 to 10 new presenters each semester and promoting quality presenters to director positions in a more efficient manner.
  • To double the number of observers and trainers in the APO LEADS program so that every region has at least two trainers and each section has at least one observer.
  • Encourage that every Pledge participates in a LAUNCH course.
  • Encourage every Chapter to perform an annual Chapter Assessment and Planning Session every spring after the chapter’s fall officers are elected.
  • Encourage that every chapter offer a LAUNCH course at least once a year and preferably every semester. Sectional Conferences should focus on offering DISCOVER and ACHIEVE courses annually. Regional Conferences as well as the larger, multi-sectional conferences should offer EXPLORE as well as a combination of the other courses to meet the needs of the region. LAUNCH courses may be offered at these events, but it is preferred they are delivered at the local chapter level.
  • Chapters or groups of chapters can also request LAUNCH, EXPLORE, ACHIEVE and DISCOVER courses as long as the minimum number of students required is met. Please note that course directors have the flexibility to adjust these numbers depending on local circumstances so long as the quality is maintained.
  • Review other programmatic aspects of the National Leadership Development Program and make changes and/or improvements as necessary.