To: SERVE Participants
From: Serve Director
Re: SERVE Attendance
I am very excited that you have made the choice to be part of this year’s APO LEADS - SERVE season!

You are about to embark on an intense weekend of leadership education and personal growth. I encourage all of you to look at this weekend as an opportunity to learn and achieve great things. I know that the SERVE will be a great success and I applaud each of you for the part you are playing.

I know that you all have a lot of questions regarding the weekend and in this email I hope to give you the information that you need. Below you will see an outline for the material provided. I hope this helps all of you in your preparation for next weekend.

Expectations for the weekend
Registration/check-in will begin between Friday 4:00-6:00pm. At check-in you will receive a room assignment, and any other information you will need for the weekend. Friday night dinner will be on your own. You are responsible for arriving at the course location by 7:00pm sharp after having completed registration/check-in! If you arrive too late, you will not be able to participate in the SERVE because you will have missed too much of the program. Please remember that when you registered you checked a box agreeing to be there at 7:00pm.

The expectation is that you will be present for the entire course. The course director will give you a schedule for the weekend that will include how and when meals will be provided. The course runs the entire day on Saturday and until noon on Sunday. You will not receive credit if you are not present all 3 days.

Responsibilities / Preparation
You should consider bringing your laptop if you have one. This is not mandatory; however, during the weekend you will be broken up into small groups, and having several laptops available in each small group makes it easier for multiple participants to be inputting information without waiting for a communal machine. If you do bring your laptop, please plan to take proper security measures; you are solely responsible for loss or damage of all your personal property. You may also wish to bring an Ethernet network cable, as residence rooms have network connectivity.

You should bring a notebook, or something to take notes with. You will be given a lot of information throughout the weekend. Keeping track of this information through note-taking makes it more realistic for you to learn and later communicate what you have learned to your chapter.

Lastly, you may want to bring a camera. Bring the memories of your weekend back to your chapter and section. When they see how much fun you had, they may want to experience SERVE, too! If you bring a digital camera, let us know during the weekend – we can facilitate the sharing of your photographs with everybody else.

Location & Logistical Information
Before you arrive for this outstanding event, there are several pieces of information that I need in order to make your stay enjoyable. Additionally, I hope that I can provide any information that you will need and can answer any questions that you may have.

Embassy Suites
9000 Bartram Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19153

(215) 365-4500

  1. Transportation (those flying) - Please provide your flight information (airline, airport, arrival time, departure time) to (person) ASAP. We will try to provide rides from the airport, or at least provide information on how to get from the airport to the campus at a reasonable price.
  2. Roommates - Every room will house 4 SERVE participants. If you have already requested a roommate, we will do our best to honor that request.
  3. Registration - Registration will take place 4:00-6:00pm in the lobby of the Hotel. At registration, you will be provided your room assignment and room key.
  4. Friday Dinner - Friday dinner will be on your own.
  5. Attendance at SERVE - It is expected and required that you attend the entire weekend. SERVE starts at 7:00pm SHARP! Please plan on arriving early enough to check in and get dinner. Food is not allowed in the conference rooms where SERVE will be held.
  6. Bedding - All rooms have a suite set up with a double bed and a pull-out couch. There is no guarantee that a cot will be available for the 4th… sleeping bags my be wise
  7. Things to bring - You should wear a comfortable pair of shoes. Please plan to dress appropriately for a classroom context in a hotel.
  8. Driving directions - Those driving should view and print out the special campus conference facilities map, downloadable from: (website)

Late Registration - Those arriving after 7:00pm will still need to register – please give (director) a call on his cell phone (number) to let us know of your arrival.

Note: We can understand if there are truly unexpected events that cause you to be late, but we do expect you to make your travel plans taking the expected awful Friday afternoon commute traffic into consideration. If for any reason you can not attend, please let us know ASAP as we do have a waiting list!

In closing, SERVE is a very intense weekend. The rewards for your efforts throughout the weekend will be great. You'll learn a tremendous range of management skills that will help you in APO and in your profession after you graduate. The project you put together with your small group may even be something you can take back directly to your chapter for immediate use.

If you have questions about the weekend, here are the people to ask.

Questions about SERVE course content:
(director and contact info)

Registration & Fees
Nick Astista – APO National Office

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

In Brotherhood,