An effective membership program includes a plan for recruiting prospective members, educating them about Alpha Phi Omega while they are pledges, and keeping them active after they are initiated. While these can be treated as separate programs (and many chapters do) the clear relationship among these three areas means that each must be closely coordinated with the other.

This coordination can be done by establishing a vice president of membership chapter officer and assign the entire membership program to this officer. By working with the Membership Committee, the vice president of membership will be able to plan an aggressive and effective program that will result in the chapter’s growth. An alternative approach is to segment duties between a vice president of membership, vice president of fellowship, and a pledge trainer.

No manual can provide a total recipe for your membership program. You must carefully analyze your chapter, its programs, and your campus before deciding on the best plan. However, we have tried to provide some basic guidelines. This guide is intended as a starting point, from which you will be able to build your program. If your chapter program requires that you take on the roles of pledge trainer and vice president of fellowship, it is recommended that you study the APO IMPACT guides for those offices as well.

It is recommended that during the term of your office you work on creating a supplement to this handbook to assist the future vice presidents of membership of your chapter. This would include some of the following information:
  • Chapter Bylaws
  • Contact information for the current Sectional Chair, Regional Director and Advisory Chair
  • Pledge trainer, vice president of fellowship and recruitment chair handbooks if needed
  • Last year’s annual active membership form as submitted to the National Fraternity
  • Contact information for all brothers currently active in the chapter
  • Contact information for all pledges in the current semester
  • Calendar of membership recruitment activities from the past year
  • Schedule of general events throughout the school year

Throughout your service as vice president of membership, remember that you have chapter advisors and a Sectional Chair (and staff) who are willing and able to assist you. Use their talents and experience.



  • National Bylaws Spring 2011- Under Chapter Improvement- must be logged into Website
  • Membership Policy- Under Officers
  • Chapter Assessment and Planning Session- Under CAPS Resources
  • National Pledging Standards- Under Officers
  • Pledge Manual March 2011- Under Chapter Improvement
  • Risk Management Policy- Under Managing Risk
  • APO Style Guide- Under Communications


The purpose of a membership program is to enable the chapter to maintain the highest level of activity possible without overburdening each brother. It is designed to make being part of APO both worthwhile and enjoyable. A balanced blend of service with fellowship will both encourage brothers to stay active and encourage prospective members to join. If you lean too much in either direction, you will find your chapter losing membership, either because you are asking too much of each brother or are not providing the opportunity for service that your brothers are seeking.

The approach outlined in this handbook should enable you to develop a plan that will enhance the APO experience for everyone in your chapter. You will find that we have not attempted to provide you with an answer to every question, problem, or crisis that may arise during your tenure. Instead, we hope the guidance provided will enable you to make proactive decisions that will provide positive experiences and support for your chapter's alumni program. Remember, one of the best supports any officer can have is interaction with the previous officer and transference of information. If you feel that you have learned something in your position that could help many other officers in the Fraternity, please send your suggestions to leadership.director@apo.org so this manual can remain fresh and relevant.


APO IMPACT Chapter Training Program was developed under the 2006-2008 National Leadership Development Committee, Ed Richter; Program Director. Many thanks to all who helped in writing, reviewing and developing this dynamic tool.